© 2020 Balti Virtual
© 2020 Balti Virtual



AR Event Activation and HoloLens Shopping Experience

In 2017, Balti Virtual worked with PayPal to enhance two of their signature events using augmented reality (AR), both via existing smartphones and next-generation headsets.  Guests experienced AR from the moment they arrived, as their name badges scanned to display a three-dimensional, interactive schedule that updated in real-time. The AR experience continued through ice-breakers and table assignments, which also doubled as take-home AR assets for the guests.

Balti Virtual also showcased a custom HoloLens experience on-site, using holograms to bring the future of interactive retail to life.  To show the versatility of our product, the experience was later ported to activate from a print ad that users accessed via mobile-based AR.

“Building a new, custom AR experience for our special event with Balti Virtual was enjoyable from a working standpoint, and the final results completely blew our guests away! The best partner we could’ve hoped for!”

— Michael Champlin, PayPal Innovation Showcase