© 2020 Balti Virtual
© 2020 Balti Virtual


  • Why AR/VR

    Everyone is talking about these technologies lately, but why should you pay any more attention to AR/VR than the last thing everyone was hyping? (I’m looking at you, 3DTV)

  • We believe that VR and AR hold tremendous promise, both in the future and right now.

Here are some of the ways
VR and AR can add value right now:

  • Marketing & Branding

    Tell your story, encourage participation & track impact in real-time - With a rich, highly engaging format, you can give your customers a feel for your products virtually and track their engagement with customized analytics.

  • Consumer Products

    Add new life to products without changing - XR can add fresh experiences to existing consumer products, creating a digital layer that can be changed constantly without the need to change the underlying physical product.

  • Training / Education

    Provide “hands-on” learning that gets your students excited - Bypass the expensive and dangerous confines of the real world and let your students learn with XR. You can also record training sessions for later review and analysis.

  • Events / Shows

    Capture customers' attention and free yourself from the limitations of floor space - From customized scavenger hunts to augmented reality photo ops, engage your customers' at trade shows and events with XR.

  • Architecture / Construction

    Lead your AEC projects with a clear shared vision and fewer mistakes with XR - Starting from design, through the construction process, all the way to facilities management. XR technology will transform the entire lifetime of AEC projects, and lead to faster iteration, a clearer shared vision, and fewer mistakes.