About Us

We are a growing team of 3D experts, uniquely positioned to create state-of-the-art Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.

We’ve been working in 3D since 1997, first cutting our teeth on PC games, before moving to consoles and mobile. We have always embraced new technologies and enjoy rising to the unique challenges they present. With high quality, low cost VR and AR platforms quickly approaching the market, there has never been a better time to be more virtual.

Why VR / AR?

  • Training / Education

    From early childhood education to highly skilled job training, the use of virtual and augmented reality are powerful ways to transfer knowledge to a range of ages.

  • Branding

    VR enables you to fully immerse your audience in a 360° environment constrained only by your imagination. AR gives retail customers a personalized in-store experience, while enhancing your product with 3D visuals.

  • Architecture/Construction

    From early design to construction, through facilities management, VR and AR technology will impact the entire lifetime of AEC projects, and lead to faster iteration and fewer mistakes.

  • Healing

    From the simulation of social interactions to virtual exposure therapy scenarios, VR and AR opens up a new realm of strategies for improving physical and mental health.

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PC Based VR


The immense processing capabilities of modern PC systems enable the highest fidelity virtual reality experiences currently available.

Systems like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can track a user's position, in some cases in a large environment, allowing for a deep immersion and strong sense of presence.

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Mobile VR


Trading raw power for portability, self-contained systems like Samsung's GearVR allow users to experience VR in settings where a PC would be too cumbersome.

Technologies like Google's "Cardboard" repurpose users' smartphones into low-cost VR stations that can easily be shared with a mass audience.

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Augmented Reality


Supplementing a live view of the user's environment with computer generated images opens the door to powerful learning and productivity applications.

Imagine a construction worker with up-to-the-second blueprints projected over their work area. Or a Fort McHenry visitor watching the Battle of Baltimore unfold around them.

AR makes this possible.


We're just getting started, but we've already worked with great partners:

Under Armour
Sagamore Development
Stanley Black and Decker
Planet 3
Northrop Grumman
Sea World


How can we help you?

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